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Backlink audits, clean up and Google penalty removal

Assurance of backlink quality is essential for healthy visibility

SEO Backlink audit 

Suddenly dropped from search results or seen massive traffic loss? Previously enjoyed high visibility from previous SEO linkbuilding? You may be suffering from a link-based penalty.

Manipulation of backlinks to enhance organic performance will create visibility issues for websites. As Google progressively updates its quality filters, increasing numbers of sites that have used 'legacy' SEO practices are being detected and punished with link penalties. Our backlink audit process looks into the toxicity of a website's link profile.

The audit will highlight any weaknesses with the backlink profile. Once completed, you will be presented with clearly defined prioritised actions to plan future backlink work. 

This includes identifying links from undesirable or unwanted domains that have not been sought or manually created. At the end of the audit, you will have an excellent idea of the types of sites that link to your domain, which are relevant and helpful, and where to focus your inbound marketing efforts.

example of a link penalty

An example of a link penalty affecting organic visibility

Backlink clean-up / penalty removal service

Clean-up and Google penalty removal is an extension of the audit.

This project aims to remove a manual or algorithmic penalty which has been placed on a website by Google, or to proactively prevent a penalty by removing backlinks which will be deemed by Google as trying to manipulate search results.

This tranche of work would normally follow a backlink audit if issues have been identified in the audit. 


  • Google’s Penguin algorithm targets webspam and trying to manipulate rankings through offsite signals. Receiving an algorithmic penalty or manual penalty will significantly impact organic performance
  • If a site does receive a penalty it’s critical it is removed as soon as possible
  • If a client knows they have carried out link building practices which could be deemed by Google as unnatural, it’s vital to be proactive in removing negative links and not to wait for search engines to react. Regaining visibility and traffic after a manual penalty notice is a long and difficult task
  • Fresh Egg has access to a number of professional subscription tools which can be used to evaluate a large number of backlinks efficiently and effectively, ensuring the correct links are identified and removed as quickly as possible
  • Advice on how to approach webmasters for link removal will be provided, as will recommendations on how to structure a disavowal file or phrase a reconsideration request (if needed)
  • Once all potential link risks have been identified and dealth with, you can concentrate on building great content quality and innovative campaigns to encourage natural, organic links to the website. Recovery from a Penguin-based penalty is much quicker if natural, organic links are received from good quality domains 

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See our latest blog post on the recent Penguin 4 update and what this could mean to a business struggling with a link penalty.

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Is my site suffering from bad links?

Unless you have received a penalty notice via Google Search Console, it can be difficult to diagnose a link-related penalty.

  • Sudden or gradual visibility loss can also be caused by some technical issues. An SEO Audit can determine if on-site factors play a factor
  • 'Legacy' SEO linkbuilding techniques used in the past are highly likely to be toxic and cause issues
  • Google often announces major quality updates; stay up to date with the Fresh Egg blog to check if visibility loss coincides with an update
  • Check the Google Organic traffic in your web analytics package to isolate search traffic
  • Check the SERPs landscape; changes with Google layout tests, local results and clustered results can often have a major impact on traffic

Things a backlink audit will spot