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Increase your website’s traffic and conversions with our targeted and flexible paid media campaigns.

Our pragmatic and innovative approach to PPC management delivers greater efficiency and better performance from your PPC activity.

Why PPC?

Paid search marketing is critical to digital success, capturing audience attention when they have clearly defined an actionable intent.

Now more than ever, ads are regularly and consistently housed in the most prominent positions on the results pages of Google, Bing and other search engines.

PPC offers superior control and reaction time over other digital channels. Presence in relevant search results can be achieved quickly and tactically, enabling you to adapt your digital strategy quickly to focus on new audiences and opportunities.

Our approach to paid search

We provide a pragmatic approach to digital advertising, giving businesses the ability to cut through digital noise and to place the right message in front of key audiences at the right moments within the customer journey.

Once a clear set of objectives has been established, our biddable team takes a tactical approach to ongoing campaign strategy, rather than a simple ‘set-and-forget’ management style.

By balancing the need to answer consumer intent with the need to generate and reinforce interest, we are able to forecast the impact of presence in a range of digital advertising spaces. This allows us to craft a bespoke digital advertising strategy to meet your goals.

We can then manage the activity for you, or support your internal teams in managing it themselves.

Our biddable media services

We manage budgets, keyword selection, bid strategy, ad creative and ad delivery across all PPC channels where ads can be images, video or text based. This includes:

  • Google ads
  • Bing ads
  • Display
  • Social advertising, e.g. Facebook etc.
  • Remarketing
  • Auditing

Fresh Egg's paid search marketers are qualified and experienced Google Adword professionals, and we guarantee full transparency from the outset. 

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Paid search audits

To understand what ongoing activity will drive the desired results, all biddable media activity is preceded by a discovery phase.

Our PPC audits identify areas of strength and weakness in your biddable media accounts. We provide you with a rational, unbiased view of the accounts’ performance, optimisation and administration.

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Strategic planning and set-up

Once we understand the current performance and setup of your accounts, and your paid search objectives, we plan a roadmap of activity to deliver success.

The output will be tailored to your needs. Whatever work we agree to carry out, responsibilities, dependencies, objectives and activities will always be clearly defined and visible to you.

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Paid search campaign management

We are uniquely able to offer customers two ways of working in biddable media – either a traditional, hands-on managed service, or an innovative consultancy model. Our flexible approach means we can adapt charging models and campaign strategies as required in order to best meet the needs of an integrated campaign.

Fully-managed campaigns

Our experienced team of qualified professionals has considerable experience in international paid search, as well working for major brands in the retail, fashion, finance and travel sectors.

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Consultancy, advice and guidance

This service allows you to have an ideal hybrid of an in-house team coupled with expert agency support in order to get the most from biddable media. 

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As well as supporting businesses, Fresh Egg also assists charitable organisations with Google Grant applications.

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