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Biddable media advice, guidance and consultancy

We take care of your strategy and empower you to manage your day-to-day paid media in-house.

Why engage with Fresh Egg's Biddable media experts?

Our experts support your business in managing your own paid spend activity. Our advice and guidance-led approach helps business owners manage paid media effectively in-house.

Biddable media management encompasses tasks of differing complexity, ranging from very basic level account changes to complex strategic decision making and planning. For more basic tasks, Fresh Egg recognises it can be more cost efficient for a business to use internal resources rather than to employ a digital agency to manage paid spend. Savings made can enable a business to invest more time in the management of activity than would be possible if they employed an agency.

This is where Fresh Egg can support your business. By utilising the experience of our senior biddable media and digital marketing experts, we assist with crucial strategy and planning, enabling your in-house team to manage the basics. This is a more cost-effective way of working, making activity more efficient and setting you up for sustained paid search success.

What if you don’t have in-house resources available?

Our phased approach enables you to benefit from our fully managed service until you have built the right in-house team. We can support you in recruitment and training so you can reach this point. When you have the right people in place, we’ll move accounts over to your team, holding your hand every step of the way, to ensure a smooth transition. Once your team is comfortable managing the day-to-day activity, you can rely on Fresh Egg for strategic help and guidance, along with any ad-hoc further training you need.

Reasons to work with Fresh Egg to empower your internal teams

  • Less reliance on agencies to run biddable media activity
  • Validation of strategy
  • Crisis support and management
  • Independent audit to share with board, C-suite, key stakeholders
  • More resource to conduct paid search activity 
  • Expert advice and guidance on hand to support with strategy and decisions

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