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Paid search strategic planning and setup

We work with you to create a defined service agreement that will meet your specific campaign management and reporting requirements.

Your biddable media audit has identified exciting optimisation opportunities to maximise your PPC conversions and revenue. Now, it’s time to plan a roadmap of activity to deliver against your objectives.

A biddable media strategy tailored to your needs

We know that no two customers are the same. The projects and activities we carry out in the planning and setup phase vary depending on your own team’s resource and on how much of the ongoing activity you’d like us to manage.

Whatever shape this activity takes, responsibilities, dependencies, objectives and activities are always clearly defined and visible to you. Everything is captured within a detailed service definition, which we share with you and continue to maintain and update on a quarterly basis.

The strategic planning and setup services we provide include:

  • Setting, reviewing and/or agreeing of objectives
  • Biddable media strategy production
  • Forecasting
  • Setup and/or reconfiguration of paid search accounts
  • Production of a measurement plan and set up of reporting templates
  • Planning, prioritisation and resourcing of audit actions
  • Meetings and calls with your team, relevant stakeholders and any other relevant third parties

If we’re going to be working with your internal team through advice and guidance, we can also:

  • Produce daily, weekly and monthly task lists for ongoing optimisation
  • Produce written instructions for management and optimisation
  • Produce budget trackers
  • Provide initial training sessions for your internal team

Work with our experts to define a plan to enhance paid activity spend

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