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Fresh Egg Spring Customer Event: Digital Sweet Spots


Head of inbound marketing

Around 60 of our customers travelled from across the UK (and even Europe) to take part in a full day of presentations.  The theme for the day was Digital Sweet Spots and there were five presentations which covered search, social media, mobile and insights.

We were lucky enough to have Dave Coplin, Director of Search at Bing UK, join us and deliver a fantastic presentation on the Search landscape of today and tomorrow.  This fascinating insight into the influence of technology struck a cord with the audience and his inimitable style really set the tone for the day.

Both customers and staff were tweeting throughout the day using the hash tag #FreshEgg, so we have captured these below, along with a few images.

Fresh Egg would like to thank all of the customers who attended and hope to see them, plus those who weren't able to make it, at our next customer event later in the year.

Fresh Egg Customer Day

Storified by FreshEgg · Fri, Apr 20 2012 04:09:04

Digital Sweet Spots @FreshEggDavid Somerville
It's going to be a busy day in the @FreshEgg office today as we open our doors for our Digital Sweet Spots client day #FreshEgg
Off to @freshegg Digital Sweet Spots today. Lots to learn I'm sure! #freshegg
Customer day today at #freshegg opened by Dave Coplin from Bing. Sessions on mobile, link building, social, day ahead!
Looking forward to @FreshEgg client day today. Loads of fab #digital seminars including a special insight from Bing #exciting #freshegg
@FreshEgg Customer Day morning networkingDavid Somerville
Arrived @FreshEgg Customer Event, very impressive offices #avoidingthewelcomemuffins #freshegg
Enjoying a quick coffee and catch up with the @FreshEgg team before the start of the client day #freshegg
To kick-off the day we had Dave Coplin, Director of Search at Bing UK presenting "Search landscape of today and tomorrow"...
Digital Sweet Spots today! We have @dcoplin from @UKBing talking to everyone! #freshegg
Looking good Dave! RT @southcoastdavid @dcoplin Dave Coplin from @UKBing @FreshEgg UK
Engaging, personable and thought provoking, @dcoplin giving a talk on the state of the Web at #freshegg
RT @FreshEgg: Social media is not a fad, it's important - @dcoplin #freshegg
Another great and informative presentation from @dcoplin #freshegg #digitalsweetspots
Everyone is listening to the insights of @dcoplin from Bing #freshegg Khalifa (Aki)
"It runs on petrol, electricity and pixie dust" @dcoplin summarises the Toyota Prius. #freshegg #quoteoftheday
Myths about technology- new stuff is for kids #freshegg @dcoplin
.@bing strikes again. Nice presentation today at #FreshEgg towers from @dcoplin. Technology is exciting! #Bing
Dave Coplin from Bing kicking off #FreshEgg Digital Sweet Spots customer event Harvey (Leach)
Technology has fundamentally changed our retail experience - @dcoplin #freshegg
#Bing turns Jim'll Fix It with its latest campaign #FreshEgg
Hats off to @dcoplin for keeping a room engaged and entertained for over an hour... I'm impressed! #freshegg
Take aways from @dcoplin - it's time to let go and engage! #freshegg
Takeaways from @dcoplin be transparent and open #freshegg
Takeaway number #3 from @dcoplin is empower others! #freshegg
Final @dcoplin takeaway is don't just engage - #enchant #freshegg
"The whole world in your hands: What can mobile do for your business?". Delivered by John Murphy, Senior Account Manager at Fresh Egg.
John Murphy - Mobile presentation @FreshEggDavid Somerville
RT @FreshEgg: 9 out of 10 searches on a smartphone result in an action. Phone calls, visiting a shop etc - @johnmur3 #freshegg
RT @FreshEgg: Less than 20% of emails are opened, more than 95% of texts are open within 15 minutes - @johnmur3 #freshegg
I have snake on the iPhone! Free app, classic game #freshegg
"Social sweet spots: Practical success stories from the social web. Delivered by Paul Chaloner, Head of Social Media at Fresh Egg
Who else loves the Darth Vader #Volkswagen ad? #freshegg
Logged in searches influenced by social sharing #fresheggKate Hamilton
The explosion of customer expectation - @paulchaloner #freshegg
RT @FreshEgg: Social media top tips with @paulchaloner if customers contact you on a digital format, respond digitally. #freshegg
Fab presentation by @PaulChaloner on #socialmedia as always. This man is a digital genius! #freshegg
lunchtime #firstoftheday #freshegg #carbloadingCarrie_Russell
And dessert! Cc/ @andrea_anw #fresheggCarrie_Russell
"The importance of a test & learn culture". Delivered by Dara Fitzgerald, Head of Insight at Fresh Egg
.@darafitzgerald the philosopher - if we don't fail, we can't learn. True in life, not just in the office (providing we do learn!) #freshegg
Head of insight @darafitzgerald talking about testing and learning #freshegg
'Failure is always an option' - Dara Fitzgerald #FreshEgg
If we don't fail, we don't learn! #hardbuttrue #freshegg
Average checkout abandonment rates were 32% in Q3 2011 - @darafitzgerald #freshegg
Dara Fitzgerald, Head of Insight @FreshEggDavid Somerville
Interesting presentation from @johnmur3 what can #mobile can do for your business? #freshegg
"Building the pyramid: Intelligent link building for website owners". Delivered by Tony Goldstone, Ryan Ogilvie & Matt White - Fresh Egg Search team
Google 'something'. SEO industry sits back and smiles smugly at 'rules' of ranking #fresheggCarrie_Russell
search results might give you different results pending on device used... pretty interesting #freshegg #bing
Key takeaways from @tonyboney Link Building has changed #freshegg
Key take away #2 from @tonyboney is social signals continue to grow in importance. #freshegg
Link building takeaway #3 content centred link building works #freshegg
Link Building takeaway #4 Provide journalists with news stories #freshegg
At the end of the day we gave out some prizes and everyone seemed to go away having learnt lots. We're looking forward to seeing everyone back again later in the year...
At a great conference LOL thanks @dcoplin #freshegg
RT @karlodoherty: At a great conference LOL thanks @dcoplin #freshegg >Superb use of SM there - glad to see you were paying attention :-)
Well done to all the #Freshegg presenters today. Fantastic effort. You made us proud!Nick Morley
Heading back to the grim north after a fantastic session at #FreshEgg. Thanks guys!Robin Kenyon
Before we have a glass of wine, can we just say we had a fantastic day at #Freshegg - insightful as ever!Wineware
Great day at @FreshEgg. Hats off to the team for putting on a fantastic event #fresheggDonna Kelly

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