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Steve Hutton

Yesterday, I was tasked with introducing the world of SEO to over 100 final year business students at the University of Brighton. The popular Digital Marketing elective is open to business students who take an interest in our industry and want to find out more about this exciting career path. It was only last year I graduated from Brighton, from one of the courses that many of the students who were in attendance were taking. This gave me great insight into what the students would be looking for from a guest speaker, and I tried my hardest to provide a mixture of industry insight, the fundamentals of SEO and what it’s like to work for a leading digital agency.

Brighton University

When putting the agenda and learning objectives together it became increasingly obvious that the realm of SEO is huge, and there was literally so much to cover! When I stripped everything back I decided that key term research, onsite SEO considerations, link building and content strategy were the four topics that would be most useful to the students on the IT382 module. It can be easy to cause an information overload, so I was cautious to just get the main points in and make sure they were actionable for any websites or blogs the students might be running as part of their coursework.

I ran three workshops lasting two hours each over the course of the day, and they seemed to go really well, with bright students asking all the right questions and coming to talk to me afterwards for further information on the industry or to ask about problems they were facing on their own sites. I was more than happy to help and it was really exciting to see other young people and future graduates getting passionate for digital media.

I left them with a few tasks that would involve some key term research, allowing them to pick an industry to target, decide on the right set of key terms work on and consider how they could create some content around this. Next would be where links could be obtained from and how they would plan and schedule any content development. We take this strategic approach here at Fresh Egg, and firmly believe it’s the right way to do things.

Fresh EggI had a great day and was happy that I didn’t bore anyone; judging by some of the tweets I received during the day, I inspired a few people and passed on some valuable information! If I’m invited back then I have a feeling the attendance will be even greater as I’ve already heard rumours of search marketing electives for marketing students! It’s great to see the academic world start to embrace digital.

If anyone wants to get into this industry out of university then I suggest getting a portfolio together of work you’ve done, blogs you’ve started and anything else which helps you stand out from the crowd. Fresh Egg love to hear from talented people who think they’ve got what it takes to shine in a fast-moving and exciting industry.

Students can tweet and follow me @hybridoriental.

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