Digital Marketing Institute interviews Fresh Egg Head of Search

Paul Chaloner

Our friends at Digital Marketing Institute have published an interview with Fresh Egg's Head of Search Tony Goldstone. The interview covers a wide range of interesting SEO topics including ideal file sizes, use of javascript for SEO, how long a description should be and what CMS' are good for SEO.

Here is a snippet:

Do you have any suggestions for using Javascript code in conjunction with SEO?

Javascript is enormously beneficial in providing users with a richer, more engaging experience. In the form of AJAX, Javascript can provide site visitors with the feeling that they are interacting with a desktop application.

From an SEO perspective, it’s important to ensure that a site is perfectly navigable and renders acceptably with Javascript turned off.

It’s also important to reference Javascript from external files and keep the amount of code within pages to an absolute minimum.

You can read the entire interview on the Digital Marketing Institute site.

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