Fresh Egg Staff Awards 2012: The Winners

Kat Cole

The evening of December 14 saw the Fresh Egg team celebrate Christmas, and the end of another fantastic business year. A boozy and toe-tapping party was held for staff at Field Place in Durrington-on-Sea, where champagne, a delicious festive buffet, and the talents of ‘time travelling covers band' The Doloreans welcomed us.

Before excitable groups were packed into taxis and delivered to the venue though, the prestigious Staff Awards ceremony was held in the Fresh Egg office. This annual celebration recognises those who epitomise the core values of the company, and those who make working here an absolute pleasure.

Without further delay (unlike the actual presentation, which saw frustrated tech support engineer Tom struggling to play pre-selected snippets of music at the right times), here are details of this year’s awards categories and their respective winners…

Fresh Egg MD Adam Stafford tries to hide the names of winners, after prematurely revealing his next PowerPoint slide…

Best Team Player

Award description: The winner of this award is said to always go the extra mile, makes themself available to others 24/7, works quietly behind the scenes, and could be described integral to the very mechanics of Fresh Egg!

Highly commended (runner up): Sara MacGregor

Account manager Sara was recognised for the way she leads and coordinates in-house project teams, and for always contributing fantastic ideas. Unfortunately for Sara, she lost first place – by just a single vote – to…

Winner: Vaughan Luke

The skills of our director of IT are so sought after, Fresh Egg had to implement a queuing ‘ticket system’ to manage demand! As a digital company, we would be truly lost if not for Vaughan restoring inadvertently lost files, and resuming normal service every time an employee cries “the internet is gone!”

Excellence Award

Award description: The winner of this accolade is deemed to continuously deliver high quality work, employ amazing attention to detail, strive for the best in all they do, with a determination to continuously improve.

Highly commended: Sarah Harvey

Again, there was just one vote between our winner and runner up in this category. Our head of commercial strategy and planning was awarded for her ceaseless dedication to the cause of excellence at Fresh Egg.

Winner: Dara Fitzgerald

Fresh Egg’s head of insight and Irishman Dara Fitzgerald walked away with the trophy (while jiving a little to the ‘Irish Jig’, selected to accompany his victorious walk to the makeshift stage).

Newbie Award

Award description: This award identifies Fresh Egg’s best new employee, who has joined the company – and made great waves – in the last 12 months.Our winner won by a landslide, and so no runner up was selected for this award.

Winner: David Somerville

David – our senior social media strategist – has been so influential since he joined Fresh Egg it feels as if he’s been here all along! With our long-term Head of Social Media Paul Chaloner leaving Fresh Egg to pursue his TV career imminently, we’re sad but comforted knowing our Social Media Team has been left in good hands.

Leadership Award

Award description: This accolade is given to the team leader who sets the highest example, always provides constructive feedback and continuously provides amazing support to their team.

Winner: Sarah Tunstall

Again, no runner up was chosen since the votes were almost unanimous in support of one individual – our very dedicated commercial director Sarah. Employees are convinced she must have a clone (or own Bernard’s Watch!) due to the large amount of work she manages to complete each week.

Integrity Award

Award description: This award marks someone held in high regard for the level of detail they provide to all areas of the business, pivotal to Fresh Egg’s success. This individual provides the very best advice, has precise attention to detail and is someone all can trust implicitly.

Highly commended: Tony Goldstone

This was another case of ‘one-vote-in-it’. Our banjo-twanging SEO consultant, ‘Tony Boney’ received many nominations as a result of his always professional and considered approach to work, and his impressive knowledge of the digital marketing industry.

Winner: Andy Burns

There could be no winner more deserving than Fresh Egg’s Andy Burns. Rarely emerging from his office, Andy is forever number-crunching behind the scenes to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the business.

Passion Award

Award description: This single staff member is passionate about everything digital! They go out of their way to produce excellent work, striving for their customers’ success. They are a real inspiration to their colleagues and are committed whole heartedly to Fresh Egg, and the industry

Winner: Ryan Ogilvie

The winner of this award barely needed announcing – it was obvious who would come out on top! Senior SEO engineer Ryan has dedicated the best of his youth to Fresh Egg, to work his way up the ranks and become one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the company. Yet he still somehow manages to find time to feed his Xbox 360/Wii U habit!

Most Innovative Project Award

Award description: This tribute honours a Fresh Egg individual or team who has developed a significant project, revolutionary to the way the company functions. Again, a single vote separated the two projects voted most ground-breaking.

Highly commended: Timesheet widget (Ollie Battams, Martin Cannon, Dan Ellis)

The project was created by one of Fresh Egg’s Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman’ dance moves as he approached the podium too!

Bright Side Award

Award description: This person will put a smile on your face without fail. They go out of their way to help you and nothing is too much of a problem.

Winner: Laura Ward

Despite ever-cheeky business development manager Dan Wotton voting for himself for the third year in a row (!), our new PA to the MD, Laura Ward, left everyone else for dust!  Her humorous ‘clean-your-desk-reminders’ were cited in more than half of the nominations, though she has certainly contributed happiness beyond that regular e-feature!

…and finally:

Employee of the Year

Award description: Our final award recognises two individuals (the vote was tied!) who encompass the values comprised in the previously discussed awards, and whom without the year would have been a much bumpier ride!

Many Fresh Egg employees were nominated for this award, but two people secured the most votes…

Joint winners: Dara Fitzgerald and Lucy Rennison

Dara’s victory is the result of everyone considering him an approachable and friendly “genius”, who couldn't work harder if he tried! HR manager Lucy meanwhile was commended for how she has embraced her transition from PA to the MD with humility, grace and competence. Her caring nature and balanced approach to all situations was also noted.

Fresh Egg will of course be holding another awards ceremony in 2013.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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