Movember's Almost Over, Here's A Quick Look At Who's Been Playing Ball

Dan Cash

We’re almost at the end of the moustache marathon that is Movember. We’re getting used to the prickly faces. (Or in my case, desperate for Wednesday to come around so that I can put according to our poll said that: "I’m taking part, because “I’m quite lazy, especially when it comes to raising money for charity AND shaving – so this kills two birds with one stone. I also wanted to see if I looked like my Dad as he’s always sported ridiculous facial hair. I can safely say I do – look ridiculous and like my dad.”

Paul Chaloner reminds us that there is a serious side to the Movember larks: "While Movember is a lot of fun, my reasons for doing it are very serious. My dad had testicular cancer a couple of years ago and while he survived it scared the hell out of me and really opened my eyes to how easy it is to check yourself and get checked regularly. So growing the 'tache and raising the money is important, but getting more awareness about the cancers that affect men is my motivating factor. Still, looking like Tom Selleck for a few weeks also feels pretty cool, if a little prickly."

Our Mo Sista Nazilla Allahiary has been putting in a valiant effort, finding a new and exciting false moustache to wear whenever possible: "Well obviously I can’t grow my own mo (despite my Persian genes trying really hard) but I decided to support my Mo Bros this year after having a few people around me being affected by male cancers. These types of cancer don’t seem to be as high profile as others, men are also more reluctant to go to the doctor or talk about any health issues, so I thought it was important to help raise awareness."

More Mo Bros Hanging In The Crib


Please don’t forget that you can sponsor any or all of your Fresh Egg Movember team by visiting our team page and throwing some money our way. We’d really appreciate it and you’ll be doing something amazing for all the men in your life. Which is nice.

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