Sussex Snowfall? Snow Worries!

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We’re not usually ones to complain here at Fresh Egg. We keep grumbles to ourselves in the knowledge that nobody likes a pessimist and that positivity is the smile of life…

But did you see the snowfall yesterday? Did you feel that bitter wind? It’s March for goodness sake. It really was all a bit much and so just this once we have decided to succumb to our nation’s stereotype and have a good old-fashioned weather-based moan.

Heads down, hard at work yesterday afternoon, we barely noticed the big white blanket draping itself over our sunny seaside town but being based right on the south coast, Fresh Egg HQ in Worthing saw some of the worst of yesterday’s blizzards. By the time we had finished for the day and emerged into the early evening air, a good three or four inch covering of the white stuff greeted our toes while our facial thermometers confirmed a -8degree wind chill factor.

Tworthing snowhe fun really began, however, as we began our journeys home. 18 fellow Fresh Eggers had thawed out enough to respond to my (slightly annoying) questions concerning their homeward commute. Eight of them drove, three took the train, three cycled, two got the Fresh Egg minibus, one took the public bus and one walked.  The collective journey time for the group on a usual evening is just over 9.5 hours.

The collective journey time for the group yesterday evening was a mind numbing 37.5 hours – that’s a whole working week!

Some of the main gripes along the way included a lack of suitable attire (hair frozen solid, socks soaked through, umbrellas battered), wrong choice of transport (cars abandoned in favour of walking), other people (careless drivers, loud complainers), being caught short (no dinner, no toilet, no alcohol to combat the boredom*).

Moan as we might, though, there is still room for a little positivity in the Fresh Egg clan.  In the midst of the chaos and despite the disruption we tell stories of goodwill and fellowship as some of us climbed out of the Fresh Egg minibus to assist a wayward BMW. There were stories of wheel-spinning in the snow, of finding forgotten treasure (banana cake in the bottom of a handbag), of podcasts and football keeping us entertained and of elderly couples abandoning the traffic in favour of throwing snowballs at each other.  Most of all, the greatest pleasure shared was simply getting home after an extraordinarily long commute from work.

* I must point out here that this comment was made by one of our train travellers!

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