Google Suggests: Gone just a Little Mad?

Mark Cronin

OK, I'm a hectic SEO engineer, so I  don’t get to post on here much!  In fact this is my first post and it might be a good example of why I shouldn’t.... (However it is my Birthday, so they may just be letting me loose for one day!)

Google’s “Suggests” have been flying around the Internet ever since they started helping people out with their searches. Some incredibly hilarious, and some of which are utterly outrageous. Let’s not forget though that we are all responsible for these bizarre suggestions from the Search Engine King!

Anyway, what harm is there in reminiscing over a few of these examples? Some you will have seen before others maybe not!

I am pretty sure that “midgets” do have knee caps, all the others I am undecided on:


OK, why you even need to ask these is worrying enough, of course you can’t has a cheeseburger!



Dude, whoever you are, your girlfriend must really hate you!


We take no responsibility for this one:


So is this how the Brits envisage China dealing with Over Population!


Yes, and also something else that rhymes with Bankers!


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