Who Is 'Horse Boy?' - The Google Street View Mystery (Solved)

John Pring

The internet has been alive with debate over who exactly is 'Horse Boy'; a semi-costumed man photographed by Google's Street View cameras in Aberdeen earlier this year.


The figure, sporting a horse's head, shirt and trousers was spotted by Twitter user Russel Moffat, who broke the story to his own followers, before it was picked up by bloggers and the mainstream media.

It's all gone a bit mental ... I wasn't expecting this

Mr Moffat told journalists last week, after he distributed a screenshot of the horse boy online


Since the images have been distributed, certain journalists, bloggers and members of the public have been clamouring to speculate on the true identity of horse boy.

Whereas the majority of us had work to do and didn't really put too much thought into who it might be (my first thought was Scotsman in a horse hat), journalists over at Channel 4 News ignored the neighsayers (I'm sorry i couldn't help it) and hunted the man down, revealing his identity as Dobbin Horsome. Hmmmm. Surely that's not his real name?

Anyway, the hacks interviewed Mr. Horsome, putting an end to one of the most intriguing and irrelevant news stories of the last few weeks. Mr. Horsome even has a YouTube account, which you can access HERE

So what did Dobbin have to say when asked how he managed to get on the Google Street View cameras in the first place?

Pure luck. And blatant opportunism. But so much luck.

Having just been heading back to the pub to see my recently-wedded Scottish mate with the infamous mask in my hand, only to spot a famous Google car, in a split-second moment of thinking "I'll only regret this if I don't at least give it a go".


You can read the full Channel 4 interview with Horse Boy HERE.

Other Random Street View / Google Earth Images

Mr. Horsome is by no means the first character to get a funny or interesting image onto Google Street View or Google Earth with a bit of quick thinking. Here are a few of my own personal favourites:

'Doc' Emmet Brown (from Back To The Future)

This guy is nothing short of a genuis in my opinion. A genuis with FAR too much time on his hands, but a genuis none the less.


The Stig at Legoland

I'm sure it's not actually The Stig, but whoever it is they've got the costume spot on.


Car parked on the side of the building

I've got no idea if this is an optical illusion or an elaborate prank, but I like it.


Plane parked in residential area

I love this one. Why is there a small fighter jet parked in a residential area in Paris? Hopefully it has something to do with a French pilot who was either late or drunk.


Got any more great images for Google Earth or Google Street View? Send me your links!

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