Matt Cutts Goes Lady GaGa On The Town

Alex Murray

The Secret Hairstyle Obsession of Google's Matt Cutts

It has been over a year now since the head of Google's anti-spam team Matt Cutts shaved his head. During that time I've been tracking his every movement through a network of inside sources.

The following represents the work of the last 12 months... some sources have requested to stay anonymous as I unveil these ground breaking revelations. Here it is; what Matt Cutts really did with his hair.

Old Skool Rocker Matt

Matt Old Skoolin It

Floppy Vanilla Ice Matt

Matt in his vanilla ice days

Back to School Matt

Matt preparing for the new school year

Too Cool for School Matt

Matt skips school all the time

Fro to Go Matt

Matt connects well with people of all race and religion

I’ll Be Back Matt

Matt never says die. Watch out spammers!

Matt the Environmentalist

Matt keeps a close eye on environmental matters

How you doin?... Matt

Matt looking saucy

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