It's Nearly Time for the Mo to Go!

Dan Cash

We’re entering the final furlongs as far as Movember goes and I can’t tell you how keen I am to get this thing off of my face! So I might be channelling the dashing exotic charms of Gilbert Roland (have you noticed that no-one grows moustaches any more? It’s because they’re a real pain!) but I still feel like children are looking at me like I’m cracked and the ladies aren’t looking at me at all!

So, am I right, do the lay-deez eschew a moustachioed hunk? Or do our fuzzy faces send you all a-quiver? Does our commitment to looking ‘ironic’ at best and archaic at worst for the sake of fighting cancer make you weak at the knees or are you thinking “grow up and get your face shaved, Wyatt Earp!”

The Fresh Egg Mos team

We’re brave, and we can take it so why not take a few moments to throw your hat into the ring and vote for your favourite. With or without, hairy or shaved, itchy & twisty or clean and serene?

If you’d like to sponsor us you still have a week left, just go to our team Movember page and hand over your money. Thanks!

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