Olympic Red Tape: Missing Out on the Gold

Laura McDonald

Being a digital marketing agency, we were really excited to see how London would be represented by social media to celebrate the Olympics 2012. As the highly anticipated event grew closer, we started to witness the understandable clamp down on the use of the Olympic brand. However, what we weren’t prepared for was the news that the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, LOCOG, has banned people from uploading photos taken at the Olympics to social media networks.

The emotional and patriotic part of us thought this was a little draconian, while the logical part of our brains was ticking over trying to imagine how on earth LOCOG would police such a rule.

So, we decided to do a few sums and imagined a few scenarios to understand roughly how long it might take and how much it might cost to begin to enforce this ban. Part serious and part fun, here are the results in one handy infographic.

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