The SEOfilms Movie Poster Challenge: Win SES Tickets!

Jaamit Durrani

[Update: I have started adding some of the best entries so far so skip to the chuckling and guffawing away in that lovable geeky way we have. Why? A meme known as #seofilms and its paid search counterpart #ppcfilms has been doing the rounds enough to become a trending topic on Twitter in the UK.  No idea what I'm blathering on about? Have a look at some of my favourite ones below (warning: this is pretty geeky - non search/web nerds might want to mosey along now):

My Name Is URL (@MikeBusson)

Cache me if you can (@smithyd)

Debbie does dynamic keyword insertion (@HaggiWaggi)

Minority Search Query Report (@HaggiWaggi)

The Wizard of DMoZ (@AnalyticsGirl)

Summer of SEM (@jamr0ck)

iRobots.txt (@richardfergie)

Drag Me to HTML (@paulruk)

Black Hat Down (@shanejones)

Malcom XML (@rhyswynne)

Well, I did warn you it was geeky...

The Movie Poster Photoshop Challenge

To take things to the next level Search Engine Watch have stepped it up and have set up a competition to come up with the best photoshopped movie poster featuring your favourite #seofilms tweets (or new ones).  The winner will get 2 Platinum Passes to a Search Engine Strategies conference anywhere in the world - worth over 2 grand!  This idea is inspired by the like's of b3ta's awesome movie poster mashup challenge - check some of those out for inspiration!  Or you can look at jc1000000's first attempt below, which in his own words is "a really rubbish one done in MS Paint".  If you think you can do better (and to be honest I'm pretty sure you can) just upload your entry to the competition page on Facebook.  The closing date is Friday 19th March, and the entry with the most 'likes' gets the SES passes!


And it begins...

Update: Just had to add to this post with some of my favourite entries so far...partly because they're brilliant, partly because the one above is so lame ;)


by @davidburgess00


by @lordmanley


by @davefreeman

Keep em comin!

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