Spooky SEO goings-on in the Fresh Egg office...

Maria Holbert

Fresh Egg team, dresses up for Halloween

Scary? Hungover? Or just riddled with some form of disease?

Whatever freaky conclusion you come to on the above gruesome photo, we all had lots of fun dressing up and terrorising the rest of the Fresh Egg office!

Stephen Jones, Rob Taylor and I went for the classic Zombie, and pulled off the rabid, un-dead look rather well I think! (That is Rob’s personal straight jacket by the way).

Our lovely Tania went for an evil, wicked witch persona this year...which is the complete opposite to her usual sunny self (unless you haven’t done your timesheets)!

Ryan Ogilvie being a massive Harry Potter fanatic, donned his swarve Slytherin robes that were bought in Disney World during his last visit...and I presumed he was a mere muggle all this time!

James Taylor; once a fun-loving member of our analytics team now a self proclaimed evil Wizard of the dark arts.  Note to self: don’t annoy James from now...

Can’t wait until next year, muhahahahahahahaaa!

Big thanks to Ollie Battams Head of Design, for making our photo even more terrifying.

Happy Halloween, from everyone at Fresh Egg!

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