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Hello Everyone,

My name is BJ Wright, I will be the 2nd to go through the Fresh Egg Internship program. I also come from the USA, from the state of Idaho. I currently work for SublimeNet Marketing Inc. you can find more information about our company at

I have been studying SEO for nearly 6 months. After reading over a number of Internet Marketing training courses, this is where I found most of my interest to be. I came to hear about the SEO Internship through a number of different blogs and it was through the Cre8asite forum that I came to know Ammon Johns.

When I arrived here this past weekend the Fresh Egg Team asked me what it is was that I was hoping to learn through this Internship program? Why would someone travel thousands of miles to work for a company in a foreign country for Free? It is this that I wanted to write about:

I often found myself frustrated with my SEO efforts I didn't know what worked and what didn't, I didn't know how to measure it? As I stated earlier I am fairly new to SEO and I didn't have the answer or any type of road map in front of me, I was mostly self taught through training courses an online. I came to find that the answers were out there in the forums, blogs, and training courses, but there was a lot of fluff to go through and plenty of outdated information. There were only a few people that really knew what they were doing and a lot of people who liked to just talk in the forums with no actual proven experience.

After hearing about the opportunity to work with the Fresh Egg Team, I knew it was something that I had to do. I would be getting first hand experience from some of the worlds greatest. When I was first accepted into the program, Ammon offered for me to come out for the 2 week program, I declined and told him, if I am traveling this far I wanted to spend an entire month here. So here I am until the 15th of December.

The structure of an SEO Company was what interested me the most. In working with clients, there is a certain process that the company must do. Once they take on a new client what was is their first step, second step, third step, and so on. How do they deal with thier clients? It is the process of taking a new site (sometimes a complete mess) and adding the greatest value to it, given the time alloted from the client. Sometimes there is not nearly enough time given and the benefits are all weighted.

I am also fascinated with the analytics of the sites, I wanted to learn how to track the results of a given site and to see improvements over time. I feel this is the most important knowledge that you can have. By tracking the ROI (Return On Investment), you'll always know which of your efforts are most profitable.

At the end of the day, Fresh Egg has to show their clients what they have done to the site, and the results from their efforts.

I am very excited to be here for the next 4 weeks. As Rebecca has mentioned if you are thinking about applying for the program, it is well worth the time and effort to come to Worthing.

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