Google+ asks people to "hold off on using consumer profiles to get a business identity on Google+

Nazilla Allahiary

As you will know Google+ is the latest Social site to hit the web, currently in it's Beta phase, it has already achieved 10 million users in it's first 16 days. An incredible result considering Facebook and Twitter took 852 days and 780 days respectively. If this early success is anything to go by then Google+ is going to be huge in the social world. So no wonder businesses are hurrying to get on Google+! Unfortunately this will lead to Google deleting your profile.

The reason for this is that Google+ are not offering business profiles until later in the year. This is all explained by Google + product manager, Christian Oestlien in the video below.

Christian revealed that the business profiles will include things such as Rich Analytics and will have the ability to connect with other aspects of Google likely to be used by businesses such as Adwords. Google+ will be testing the business profiles later on this year with a small amount of business to see how consumers interact with these profiles through Google+'s unique features such as Circle and Hangouts.



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