Hadouken Awesomeness Goes Viral

Joe Johnson

You Tube has always been the best place to find videos of fearless skate boarders getting intimate with blunt inanimate objects such as railings and paving slabs,  all in the name of internet notoriety.  For every ten or so cringe worthy face-plants however, there is one majestically executed stunt worthy of Hollywood cinema. Whether it be a death defying jump across a gaping chasm or a successful basketball shot made while while blindfolded, there is no denying the appeal of everyday 'awesomeness'.

The techno-indie crossover band Hadouken, no strangers to feats of awesomeness themselves, have recognised the public's love of all things epic and compiled a video which collates five minutes-worth of the best stunts, tricks, jumps and flips the web has to offer. This is overlaid with their new single 'Mecha Love' providing the perfect soundtrack to this showcase of the best wacky, useless but nevertheless uber-cool talent around. With the video nearing seven million views and attracting over six thousand comments at the time of writing, it is fair to say the content has hit 'viral' status.

Take a look at the video below, I can guarantee you won't be able to take your eyes off it for the full five minutes and eight seconds, even those who dismiss such stunts as illusion and 'fakery' will be hard pressed to stop a wry smile creeping across their face at certain points. Enjoy...



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