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I wanted to take a minute to contemplate the amazing power of hyperlinks. Now I know what you're thinking...not another blog post about how links can boost your rankings or drive traffic to your site! Do not fear though, I merely want to discuss the wonder of links as entities in themselves and what they can do.

Before hyperlinks, traveling to different destinations took ruddy ages. We walked, then we sailed, then we drove and most recently we have learnt to fly, but it still takes too long. Let's say I want to find out the cost of getting a facelift at a cosmetic surgery in New York (hopefully I will not need to find this out for while yet). I would traditionally have had to get on a plane, fly the eight or so hours to NY, visit the surgery and then fly back again. Hyperlinks however can transport me to that surgery in a matter of milliseconds and let me navigate their site. I can then zip off to a comparable site in India to see just how cheaply I could have it done if I was a risk-taker.

Hyperlinks can literally allow you to circumnavigate the globe in the click of a mouse, which is something that would make even Ellen Macarthur's eyes water!  The Romans were master road builders and made theirs as straight as possible for maximum transport speed and efficiency.  It's a sound principle but then they didn't have fiber optic technology which we have used to take transport to the next level by bending information-carrying light signals around corners and under oceans. I say "we" but in fact I had very little to do with this innovation

Roman’s at the local Gay Pride festival in Brighton – probably not what they envisaged their roads would be used for

Romans at the local Gay Pride Festival in Brighton –
probably not what they envisaged their roads would be used for

Never the less, as with everything, we now sadly take the hyperlink for granted and I just wanted to champion them for the amazing little things they are.  Now... I'm to build some of them and get some roads coming into my sites that will hopefully carry some armies with them.

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