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Conversion analysis and improvement is one of the key issues I have been promoting with key clients over the past half of this year. With the guidance of Spence Fresh Egg now have an established service where we encourage clients to look at ways of generating more sales buy utilising existing traffic levels. A typical conversion rate to sales on your average website is around 2% which is incredible when you compare this to a high street store where you would expect the sales conversion to be closer to 50%. The point of conversion analysis is to understand the behavioral patterns of a website visitor to improve the websites usability to increase the overall conversion rate - if we can raise a sites conversion rate to 4% from 2% we can double the amount of sales without spending more money generating website traffic. This is a perfect bolt on service to our SEO maintenance...

An interesting fact that we recently obtained is that associated to visitors who use the search facility within a website. Visitors using a website search (when available) can be on average as high as 60%! What was particularly interesting (on the websites we monitored) was the fact that a visitors chance of converting to a customer after using the search facility rose to approximately 20%.

If this isn't a good reason to have a decent search facility on your website, then what is?!?

Website search facilities increase your websites conversion rate...

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