To Infinity, Worthing and Beyond!

David Showell

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, every day seems to be a hectic one at Fresh Egg Towers. With all our clients looking to enjoy a successful holiday period, every member of staff in the office seems to be busier than Lady Gaga’s wardrobe mistress. Despite this, there’s still the occasional opportunity for me to continue on my learning curve.

I’ve been told that, as part of my development, I’ll be introduced to two important women, Paige Ranks and Anna Litticks, in the coming weeks. I don’t know who they are, but I’m sure they’ll be interesting. I plan to soak up all the training I receive in my first few months as a Fresh Egger, in a bid to clear the occasional fog of confusion that enshrouds me from time to time.

The Worthing office continues to inspire myself and the rest of the creative bods in the Content Team, especially when we are discussing the important issues of the day, such as whether The X-Factor is a cultural icon (it isn’t) or whether it’s simply a vehicle for lining Simon Cowell’s pockets (it is). Other hot topics in recent weeks include whether anyone would ever eat a kangaroo’s private parts unless their career was on a slippery slope, and whether changing the name of Opal Fruits represented a threat to world peace.

In the few months since I joined Fresh Egg, I’ve had the dubious pleasure at various times of seeing my colleagues dressed as pirates, wearing various shades of pink, dancing to Justin Bieber or growing moustaches for charity. But even at Halloween when the office played host to various corpses, zombies and wizards, work was never far from our minds. Admittedly, I didn’t join in any of those things, but I did abstain from shaving for a few days in November in solidarity. Rumours about this act being nothing more than laziness on my part are way off the mark. Or so I claim.

2011 has been a momentous year for Fresh Egg, having made the move from our previous premises to our all-singing, all-dancing fun-fest in the very heart of Worthing’s cultural quarter. There’s a lot to be said for being situated close to Greggs The Baker and Mr Simms’ Olde Sweet Shoppe.

I’ve mentioned in the past about the music that’s played in the Fresh Egg office, and it’s a subject that divides the staff completely: I say we should hear more from Steely Dan and Van Morrison, and virtually everyone else says we shouldn’t. It looks like a heated debate that may continue for some time. Having said that, in the interests of presenting a united front, we’ve all agreed the Go Compare adverts are almost enough to induce projectile vomiting.

As one of the fortunate few who have a desk beside the large windows, I have regularly seen passers-by peering through the glass in an attempt to see what’s inside. As Fresh Egg Towers was once a carpet store, I wondered if they were hoping to see a selection of rugs. As the only sight they’re treated to is a group of people sitting at desks merrily typing away, I try to put on a show for them instead. Usually this involves me scratching myself under the armpit or baring my teeth in a slight snarl. I figure if they start to appreciate it they might start throwing peanuts through the front door. I like peanuts.

Highlights of November and December 2011 include seeing the Fresh Eggers entertaining clients here in Worthing at our Customer Day, enjoying some vital insight into the world of the web thanks to some influential guest speakers and, of course, letting their hair down at the annual Christmas Party. It promises to be an interesting few weeks, and an excellent way to say a fond farewell to 2011.

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