One Month and Counting

Alex Murray

I’ve now been knocking down the SEO boundaries at Fresh Egg for just over a month and it’s that time where I enlighten you all on my most recent exploits!

Resident social media guru Claire Stokoe recently hung up her boots and stopped digging - at least for Fresh Egg anyway.   I get the feeling that yours truly is being... let’s say groomed... for a visit to the trenches of the digg, reddit and twitter battlefronts.

Not that I mind!   In fact I just created a little piece of potential link bait, but as I study under the tutelage of the infamous Tony Goldstone and his imaginative link building techniques,  I’m starting to realise the enormity that is the SEO world.

So all in all I feel I’m doing well cutting my teeth at Fresh Egg. But don’t just take my word for it here’s a brainwave I had... I call it “Comments From The Wise” and it’s basically a brief collection of how the more experienced members of the team see my progress.

Here it goes:

Tim Aldiss when asked how I had been getting on in my first month at Fresh Egg.

“Well I think you’ve fitted in very well into the culture of Fresh Egg. I also like the way you barter with your colleagues – trading your skills for theirs to the benefit of mutual clients. You’ve been given lots of Social Media research projects which have been very well received, and you’re starting to get to grips with the task of juggling multiple projects…”

There’s more but I’m a busy guy... I have a 10 minute daily limit on praise time!

Allan Bisset on my attempts at social media and some advice on fashion! *cough*

“Alex has proven himself to be adaptable, enthusiastic and a real asset in terms of our social media capabilities in particular.  Now if only he could work on that dress sense.. “

Adam Stafford on my progress at Fresh Egg.

Alex’s contribution to the SEO team here at Fresh Egg has already been very promising. I was impressed by his general attitude and am actually reading a book he recommended to me... top stuff!”

Yep... I think we’ll leave it at that.

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