Pink Friday at Fresh Egg


Well today is/was 'Pink Friday' at Fresh Egg. The deal was to wear something pink or buy the drinks. Pink Friday was set-up by Spencer 'Jimmy Somerville' Lavery.

For those of you not old enough or wise enough to know who Jimmy Somerville is; I have kindly given you a link to Wikipedia.

The reason for Fresh Egg's pink Friday was the fact Spencer wore a pink jumper to work not so long ago and got slaughtered for his trouble. In order to prove more of the team at Fresh Egg were in possession of pink clothing, young Spencer set us the task.

I am pleased to say that I failed the challenge - Here is the full list of winners and losers

Wearing pink were:

- Spencer, Simon, Jerome, Chris P, Val, Pip, Ruth

Those not wearing pink included

- Lee, Andrew H, Peter, David, Ollie, Jeff, Dodger

There were two that were not in the office today, Vaughan and Adam. Vaughan we know has an entire wardrobe of pink clothing whilst Adam was last seen with Spencer at a Marc Almond tribute gig. (see left)

Dodger is last on the list and is therefore buying the drinks!

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