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John Pring

We're proud to boast one of the best sales teams in the business here at Fresh Egg, and the phenomenal guys and girls in the sales room (yes we lock them away from the rest of us) are never off the phone. Curious, I thought I'd ask them for some of the most common objections companies give to taking on an SEO campaign:

Alec baldwin's recent motivational talk paid dividends for our sales team : image source, Glengarry Glen Ross
Alec Baldwin's recent motivational talk paid dividends for our sales team : image source, Glengarry Glen Ross


People often underestimate the level of investment required for internet marketing; it's a highly competitive landscape with competitors vying aggressively for the holy grail of the top 3 positions.  Also key to remember is that SEO offers high potential returns on investment, running up to 1000's of %. It is however an investment and as such takes time to generate the optimum return. When compared with the returns generated for a multitude of happy clients, the level of investment required for successful SEO is put into perspective.


Customers want guarantees for SEO. However due to the organic nature of SEO, changes in competitor strategies and levels of investment and changes to the Google algorithm (which can happen at any time and is not publicly announced), it's just not possible to offer concrete guarantees. However industry knowledge and experience allows good SEO's to make accurate recommendations and forecasts, based on core objectives.

People often want to see instant results; although instant progression can be seen, going from page 100 to position 1 in a month is highly unlikely. You should be wary of any SEO company that makes these kind of guarantees, as they're just not being honest with you. You have to bear in mind that other companies in the same industry may have been working solidly on SEO for several years so the likelihood of coming along and getting to the top spot within a few weeks is minimal. Strong SERP's positioning needs to be developed over time.

Been burned in the past

More and more SEO agencies, freelancers and so-called 'gurus'  are active in today's market place, which means that while there are some talented and quality agencies around, there are also quite a few  cowboys. As a result of this, many companies have had bad experiences with search engine optimisation. Look for case studies, client references, real results (ROI, etc), quality of website, blogging and search positioning for related terms before you take on an SEO company; too many people choose agencies based on 'too good to be true' responses to the above concerns.  SEO is a time intensive, specialist service and as a result value needs to be considered along with actual rates and cost. Here at Fresh Egg, we aim to be realistic and transparent at all times; setting realistic expectations and over-delivering on them wherever possible.

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