Zip Firelighters - NMA Site Of The Week - 15.11.07


managing director

Fresh Egg and Stimulus Response jointly developed the new website

It has been awarded website of the week scoring a fantastic 82/100 beating the following websites:

Sony Vaio -

SilkBoundBooks -

Here is the review taken from NMA:

Launched in time for Bonfire Night and especially opportune given the current cold snap is this site from Standard Brands for its Zip firelighters range. The Flash home page shows an inviting fire-lit sitting room with different items leading you to the TV ad (showing only in Ireland), a competition to win a holiday in Canada to see the Northern Lights and product information. But most intriguing is the series of fireside tales told on video by Irish storyteller Pat Speight. These are well-told, heart-warming yarns that fit perfectly with the brand association of a roaring home fire lit, of course, by Zip long-lasting firelighters. One tale, 'The Tinker of Telemacht', is interactive, pausing at intervals for you to choose which path the story should take. It perhaps goes on a little long, but is a great example of genuine engagement.

Written by Paul Smith of New Media Age (NMA)

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