Do Not Buy ‘Advanced Web Metrics for Google Analytics’ by Brian Clifton

Nikki Rae

What? Pardon? Don't buy 'Advanced Web Metrics for Google Analytics', by Dr. Brian Clifton. "Nikki Rae, have you lost your marbles?", I hear you say.

But no, I have not as there is a very good reason for this command.

A little game of Spot The Difference....

Book A - Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton (Big Sunflower and orange binding.


Book B - Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton [SECOND EDITION] (Big Sunflower and green binding).


Dr. Brian Clifton now has a new, heavily revised edition coming out in March 2010 - so there is no point in buying the old one!!!


I had the opportunity to interview Brian and this is what he said;

Rae: Is it worth buying this new book, if I already own the first ed.?

Clifton: The book is practically a complete re-write. The structure and headings remain pretty much the same but the content is completely revised and updated with new examples and case studies so there is a lot for anyone to gain by buying the new edition.

Rae: Can we expect anything new in this 2nd Edition?

Clifton: Yes, absolutely! There is a new Chapter - Ch12 which deals with integration and covers the new API and well as other integrations not covered in the first edition, such as call tracking, CRM and Website Optimiser.  There is also much greater detail and examples on Event Tracking, working examples for Advanced Segments, Annotations, social media and mobile tracking, custom variables, motion charts, bench marking, Intelligence reports - all of which are new product features.  All hacks/script have been updated to the latest version of the GATC and I have also added a great deal more case studies and examples - particularly for the KPI, Real World Tasks and the new API chapters.

Rae:  Do we get any more 'meat' for our money this time around?

Clifton: The original book contained 360 pages and the new edition contains over 500 pages - that's an almost 30% increase... (lol....)

I have been given the opportunity to read excerpts from Brian's new book and can sincerely say it is worth getting.

I was lucky enough to learn analytics from Brian directly in person and help proof read his original book which I have kept beside me and use like a bible so I know first-hand what a great teacher he is and this flows into his written works too.  Chapter 12 - the new chapter is a repertoire of how to *pimp* your Google Analytics to achieve greater insight from your data and extend reporting capabilties. With Google Analytics opening up their API, there as been a lot more room for co-development and innovation and Brian can't wait to tell us about it!

One such innovation is our very own tool CallTrackID - an offline telephone call tracking solution that was much needed in our industry to enable the accountability of telephone calls as leads/conversions to plan marketing budgets effectively.


In this book, Brian Clifton states that a great friend and mentor once said to him “Advanced web metrics is about doing the basics very well and applying it in a clever way.” and that quote itself epitomizes everything about Brian's approach to tuition.

I hope you enjoy when Advanced Web Metrics for Google Analytics [Second Ed]by Dr. Brian Clifton comes out.  For now, I am off to read a few chapters that have been sneaked my way mwa ha ha ha ha!...

Nikki Rae AKA @analyticsgirl

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