We’re Expert in Using Google Analytics: Official!

Allan Bisset

We’re delighted to announce that Google has appointed Fresh Egg as a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) programme member following intense scrutiny of our credentials in analytics and consultancy.Fresh Egg is now a GAAC

You'll now find us listed on Google's GAAC site.  Achieving GAAC status is no mean feat, since at least two employees in the organisation must pass and be certified in the GAIQ test.  We’ve gone one better with Nikki Rae, Jaamit Durrani and Tim Aldiss who achieved the required pass rates.    In addition, Google seek evidence of competence and understanding through the provision of case studies that demonstrate familiarity with the full range of Google Analytics features such as ecommerce reporting, filters/funnels, advanced segment use, custom reporting etc.

Our GAIQ Alumni: (L to R) Nikki Rae, Jaamit Durrani and Tim Aldiss

Aside from that degree of technical competence, GAAC status also depends on success in the provision of standalone services related to Google Analytics, including implementation, configuration, training, and consulting.   Proven expertise and stature in web analytics is also necessary through evidence of speaking engagements at conferences or the production of influential blogs or white papers alongside an enthusiasm for the subject and a commitment to champion web analytics.

Google will only confer GAAC status if all the above criteria have been met and are offered in the broader context of a company that can demonstrate in house web design and development and expert knowledge of other web technologies.  As a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant Fresh Egg can provide clients with an elevated level of technical support for Google Analytics and proven evidence of our deep expertise and understanding in analytics, conversion and consultancy.

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