Google Analytics - Sexy New Toys!

Nikki Rae

So what sexy stuff has Google Analytics got for us to play with in its most recent form?

Well, of course last year all our Christmas's came at once when Google Santa fulfilled our wishlist and brought us sumptuous gifts of enterprise class features such as, Advanced segmentation, Custom Reports, data export API, Motion Charts and more.

'But what of these new features?',  I hear you all cry. Well, as Google Analytics themselves decree, they are POWERFUL.

Engagement Goals - Two new goals definitions have been introduced to help measure user enagement and the brand strength of your web business.  Alongside the standard url destination goals (of which you can now add 5!) that we are all used to, we also have

1. Pages/visit goals

Pages/Visti Example
Pages/Visit Example

This goal allows you to set a time limit (upper/lower/equal) to become a goal.  This means that if you use Pages/Visit as a KPI, they are recorded as conversions in Google Analytics for you.

2. Time on site goals

Time on Site example
Time on Site example

Again, if you use time on site as a KPI, you can also record these as conversions. Fabbo!

Your goals can be grouped into 4 sets and each contains 5 goal positions meaning that you can now have 20 goals per profile! Thanks Google Analytics!

Watch this quick vid for more info.

Expanded Mobile Reporting - GA can now track mobile apps and websites whether the hardware supports Javascript or not by including a server side code snippet (apparently, to be rolled out to all accounts over next few weeks). Hmm, interesting!

Advanced Analysis Features - O.M.G. I am sooo loving this one - being able to filter out by relevant behavioural dimensions such as bounce rate, page views etc. as well as keyword is amazing! (I did this before but had to export and manipulate data in excel). Totally time saving!

See here:

Unique Visitor Metric - Sneak this in here....  Google Analytics have also kindly added the unique visitor metric so when you create custom reports you can see how many unique cookies make up the user-defined segment.

Analytics Intelligence and Custom Alerts - Google Analytics has designed an algorithm which enables automatic alerts of any unusual peaks and troughs in your data ranges.  It can let you know if there is a significant bounce decrease on a certain date or e.g  if there is an unusual inflation of visits.  What is so great about this one is at the very highest level, you can instantly see the areas that need further mining saving you chopping and changing through reports trying to aggregate this info yourself.  As well as Google Analytics serving auto-alerts, you can also now create your own custom alerts and have yourself emailed when the changes occur.

Watch this Vid!

Nikki x

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