Fresh Egg Client Gets Sales Award for Third Year Running

Allan Bisset

Leisure Sales Direct  has once again scooped the "Best UK dealer" award from its UK parent company.  Elite Hot Tubs are one of the online agents for this outstanding range of spa and hot tub products in the UK, unquestionably one of better quality, better value for money, spa products in the market. They offer a seven year warranty against surface defects,  five year warranty against electrical or plumbing defects and a staggering  25 year full Structural Warranty on all products - almost three times longer than any other warranty from any other supplier!

This is the third year in a row that Leisure Sales Direct, the holding company operating Elite Hot tubs, has gained the accolade competing against 40 UK dealers, each with their own websites.   Based on sales success, the award is a vindication of the ongoing SEO campaign conducted by Fresh Egg for Elite Hot Tubs, who are an authorised online agent for Elite Spas (Sunbelt Spas) for the UK.

Martin Eze of Elite Hot Tubs said: “I feel embarrassed about picking up this trophy again!  For all of us, it’s not been an easy market this year as hot tubs and spas are perceived as ‘ luxury’ items.  As the credit crunch hits,  lots of customers are tightening their belts, but that’s been the same playing field for all of us. The distinct advantage we’ve got on our side is the really outstanding work Fresh Egg has done in terns of SEO.  This award should really be shared with them!”

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