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Spam takes many forms, as well as the junk that comes via email, many web forms are still prone to spam attacks simply through being using old code that has no protection from HTML injection.

Popular Car Lease site the Car Leasing Directory was suffering from a great deal of spam via the forms that were for visitor use on the site. This was giving site administrators a problem as the valid web enquiries were taking time to sort from the incredulous amount of spam which was coming through the site.

In order to reduce the amount of spam the Car Leasing Directory was receiving the Web Development team at Fresh Egg have placed filters in place behind the scenes which offer multiple layers of protection.

The result of this enhanced protection is less spam and the quality leads can be dealt with in a far more efficient manner.

If you are having problems with spam attacks via your web forms, contact Fresh Egg for information on how we can reduce the time-wasting emails.

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