Designed to be Found – Part 3 - Keywords


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Keywords are not about the META tag. They are the key words that many people will use to find the kind of thing you are offering. They are the words that will come to mind when a potential visitor is looking at the search box and wording the query.

The biggest mistake people make with keyword selection is to not be specific enough. Years ago, a client who sold electrical goods wanted to rank number one for the word ‘videos’ because the client thought it would drive thousands of visitors to buy their video recorders and DVD players.

Yet in reality, most searches for videos are looking for the actual media itself, not a player. Moreover, the internet being what it is, a lot of searches for video-related content are not looking to buy anything at all, but rather to find free online video content.

The majority of visitors’ first experience of the site would be one of great disappointment. Weeks after they have forgotten just what they were searching for, or precisely how your site failed to deliver what they wanted, they’ll still recognise the site with “Oh, I remember this site, it was rubbish and didn’t have what I want”.

Perfect Search Engine Optimisation is about attracting visitors only for searches where you can have a reasonable chance of converting most of the visitors, or at least giving them a positive impression. That way, even if they don’t buy on that occasion, they may return some other time, or might mention your site to their friends as a good site.

Minimising negative branding and poor experience is every bit as vital as maximising the right kind of leads and enquiries.

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