Do you do DMOZ?


There used to be a time when the SEO community were chasing DMOZ listings harder than a greyhound chases the hare. So is DMOZ as revered as it used to be? Does anyone still bother with the thing?

We all know DMOZ will never give you thousands of visits, it never did and it never will.

FACT: DMOZ is still the daddy of directories, and is it still worth having a DMOZ listing?

When you look at some of the links being chased you have to ask why would you not want a listing in DMOZ? Anyone who slates DMOZ does so for one of two reasons - They never get a site listed or have failed to get a specific site listed.

Many moons ago I did have a big grievance with DMOZ, at the time I was furious because an editor would not let one of my new sites into the directory. This was at the time when DMOZ links were perceived to be worth their weight in gold, the whole trust trust factor with Google was going on at the time.

In fact I nearly got kicked out of Cre8asite for being such a tit about it all. That was the second time Ammon talked the team from kicking me out!

A DMOZ listing back then was going to mean a top 3 position (Yeh right!) But gaining that listing was the juice that fired us all, if you gained a listing in DMOZ , it's simple you were in Utopia.

So all these years on, one of my first ports of call for any new project is a DMOZ link, and now after learning my lesson, I have a very high conversion rate.

In fact, my submissions for the last year have all been accepted. So I'm very happy with my 100% success rate, so what's changed?

Well, I can assure you getting a site in DMOZ is as hard as ever, and quite rightly so. There are plenty of help guides been published on how to get a site into DMOZ so I won't go over old ground.

What I will say is choose very carefully what category you submit your site too, after all if you are being over ambitious you are doing nothing more than wasting your time and the editors time.

Gaining a listing in DMOZ is not difficult, but to do so you have to give the editor the right reason to want to include the site you are submitting. Forget generic listings. Unless the site you are submitting has a real USP there will be other sites like yours already in the directory.

Not only that, if an editor thinks a site is deserving of a generic category listing they will upgrade you anyway.

Simple things such as Title and Description also go a long way to determining whether your time and effort is going to be in vain. The fact is, if you get the basics right, there is no reason for an editor to not want to accept your offering.

Heck, a link in DMOZ is still free and it's still trusted, of course you should be trying to get a listing.

Does it have a positive effect? I'd say yes. We had a site gain two listings in DMOZ in less than 7 days (one generic, one local) and coincidentally one its major KeyPhrases rocketed into the top 10. Coincidence? I think not. So do you DMOZ, because if you are not, you should be.

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