How to gain ranking dominance in any market sector?

Saurav Rimal

Presented by Dave Naylor

As we anticipate the last speaker of the day, everybody has been talking about Dave Naylor all day long, so here we are.

Buy common platforms to monetise direct off your competitors. Look what platform your competitors use, go and buy that platform.

The shortcuts:

  • Got budget?
  • Buy domain names with anchor texts on it which gets relevant traffic.
  • Tailgate existing brands
  • Buy the results

The longcuts

  • Developing the strategy on what’s going on the industry
  • Understanding the link landscape in your industry

    • What’s the industry like?
    • What are you like?
    • Do people link to you with your brand name or your anchor text?
    • Google REWARDS brands
    • What are search volumes like for brands?
    • Locality is important to Google
    • How do I get my authority? – who gets news coverage and why?
    • Watching the methods you use to fulfil that strategy
    • Building a brand

Link landscape: geography

  • Locality is important to Google
  • Going national or worldwide?

Link landscape: authority

  • Who gets news coverage? Why?
  • Can you work with institutions or charities?
  • Industry figureheads (buy me a drink)
  • Sponsorship of events

Link monitoring

  • PR Checks on old links - see bad links quickly
  • Check anchor text, link distribution
  • Re monitoring industry and landscape
  • Keep your own calendar of renewals - expired links

Improve your feedback to Google

  • Google check bounce rates.
  • Google run A/B tests on results.
  • Invest in the quality o f your site to give good signals to users.
  • Experiment with page titles for CTR – don’t be scared to change your page titles.

Personal relationships

  • Keep in touch with suppliers - it’s difficult to do so but this can be done. You can get link and equity for these guys.
  • Look out for “new brooms” – look out for new things, new spies.

Why to build up your brand?

  • If you build your brand, then it can’t be touched. Google has to show them.
  • Don’t focus on narrow head terms for SEO – for example if you are a new website, don’t just jump in and say you want to rank number one for “Insurance”.
  • Build communities, loyalty and reputation.
  • Use PR to build brands – what can you bring that is unique to the market? – but make sure you are supported by SEO.
  • Building a brand through SEO

    • Spread domain name and brand links into your profile
    • Linkbait to raise awareness

Which keywords work?

  • Take Adwords Impressions data
  • Check your clickthroughs against positions

(Though there is no guarantee that Adwords data is reliable).

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