New 'Special Focus' SES show - Cancelled!

Ammon Johns

Update: This even has now been postponed with no firm date for running it later at this time - (so it has been cancelled effectively).

One of the most interesting recent developments in the superb Search Engine Strategies events is the addition of conferences that give 'special focus' to a particular market. This seemed a superb idea when it was first mentioned to me, back in the Summer, and I haven't lost any enthusiasm since.

The Financial Services industry is the focus of the Search Engine Strategies conference in London on the 30th and 31st October 2006. By having this focus on a particular vertical market, the conference can provide a lot more in-depth and actionable advice for SEO and SEM action specific to marketing Financial Services.

It means that the sessions and presentations will be able to relate directly to the challenges and regulations that apply to Financial Service companies, such as FSA regulations limiting what can, or cannot, be written on the websites.

I'm delighted to have been asked to speak in the session on Brand protection, entitled "Protecting Your Brand With Search Marketing".

The official programme provides the following description for the session:

Protecting Your Brand with Search Marketing

Can you use a competitors trademark in your own search advertising? Or what if a competitor has an ad running on your trademarked brand name? Should you engage professional legal help or are there other options? What if bloggers are posting negative or false claims about your brands, and these are spreading with viral speed through other blogs? Are there ways to get these damaging messages out of the search engines? An exploration of these and other brand protection issues.

I am really looking forward to it, as this was directly related to some brand and reputation protection issues I pitched to Chris before the summer show in London. Effective brand and reputation management are an area where many companies have a lot to learn (and much to lose if they fail to protect their brand actively enough to maintain the trademark).

It is such a shame that Incisive Media have taken the decision to cancel this event. It is my understanding that they saw insufficient uptake of bookings and sponsorships to continue. Now that they have cancelled one, they'll find it twice as hard to gain early commitment for the next, now that many will wish to wait and confirm the next will actually happen before making arrangements.

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