Why Special Offers will help your traffic!


I am great believer in Special Offers for one reason and one reason alone, special offers create buzz! As with anything the word moderation should be used; if you over cook an idea you will lose the flavour.

I have the same belief with Special Offers; if a business is constantly using special offers, the consumer soon realises the special offers may not have the value they require, it is a dilution. Take double glazing companies for example, many double glazing companies seemingly have offers on all the time, you can take it, as much as leave it, knowing full well the next time you look the same or a similar offer will be in place.

That said, it is not true for all; large supermarkets such as Tesco constantly run loss-leading promotions, why? Simply because it drives traffic to their stores; once the traffic is in the percentage of sale increases.

The likes of '3 for 2' and 'Buy one, get one free' are usually too tempting an offer , it is these offers which compel us to visit our local supermarket. Once in-store, the supermarkets know our expenditure is likely to increase as we are introduced to more offers and other product lines.

One of the main elements for any any business is to be talked about, of course, the trick is how to create that discussion? Good service, quality products, attention to detail are three elements that come to mind. Price is another element; if you have a strategic and competitive price policy it will get talked about.

Whenever a client site uses a special offer we always see a spike, if an email newsletter has been sent or a code has been placed at a site such as MoneySaving Expert, we see a pike? Why, because we all love a bargain, we all like to think that we are getting something for nothing.

Online designer clothing store Dress and Impress offer periodic discounts; students form a large part of the business for Dress and Impress; to take advantage of this market regular discount codes are sent out. Everyone's a winner; Dress n Impress see an upturn in business; students are able to buy quality designer clothing at reduced cost! I was talking to Adam about discount codes and the like, and mentioned we were brandishing a 20% discount on all purchases at Dress and Impress. We both agreed that a discount of 20% was not an insignificant amount of money; the use of this kind of promotion will send people to the site.

Dress n Impress are already price conscious; the mens and womens designer clothing they offer are competitively priced, they have to be, simply because they are up against some major online players including Littlewoods, Asos and MandMDirect.

I like forward thinking websites; I also like smaller independent websites that offer as much as the large stores but offer more.

The problem for the likes of Dress n Impress is they do not have a large publicity machine behind them. I can buy designer clothes from Dress n Impress and I know they will be delivered next day, I can buy clothes from Dress n Impress and not pay a delivery charge, I can also call Dress n Impress and talk to a team member who knows all about the clothes on offer and is interested in my clothing requirements.

And armed with a 20% discount code, I can buy more clothes from Dress n Impress which pleases me further!

Personally speaking I think there are not enough bargains on the web; traditional high street stores use the medium as an extension of their high street stores and not as a champion of better pricing; this is for me the reason why independent websites quite often have a better service offering and cost offering and ultimately I believe special offers will help your traffic!

Oh, an for anyone looking for a 20% discount designer clothing at Dress n Impress, use the following code: shop20

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