Free Ebook: SEO Quotes of the Year 2012

Paul Chaloner

Throughout 2012, Fresh Egg has produced and published a number of informative ebooks as part of a digital marketing series incorporating the disciplines of social media, SEO and content.

For Christmas, we've collated the chapters into three special, mega ebooks for social, SEO and content respectively. Best of all, you can grab these ebooks completely free (minus a small social charge!).

All you need to do is press the button at the end of this post and tweet out about it, and the second ebook - SEO Quotes of the Year 2012 - is yours free of charge! Our final instalment will come from our content department tomorrow exclusively on the Fresh Egg blog.

What can you find in the ebook?

SEO has always been a constantly evolving technique, but in 2012 the changes were even more extreme. Pandas and Penguins aside, there were plenty of changes to the Google algorithm and Mr Cutts was his usual mischievous self, offering with one hand and slapping your face with the other. Despite the sometimes tumultuous changes this year, the SEO industry has come through them stronger and better for it, and the quality of content-led strategies is starting to shine through in results.

The SEO Quotes of the Year 2012 ebook pulls together a timeline of events for you to look back on this incredible year of SEO and, at the same time, see if those celebrity SEO wizards got it right or wrong. If nothing else, you'll have fun reminding yourself of some of the great quotes of the year.

To get your FREE ebook titled SEO Quotes of the Year 2012, just click the button below and tweet out the message!

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