Link building in real life – A practical guide to dominating the SERPS

Saurav Rimal

By Jaamit Durrani

He started by saying link building can be daunting. Link building is something huge and unmanageable. So the key is to break it down so that you can manage it. Plan link building by breaking it down on a monthly basis.

Don’t think about how you are going to achieve the links. Don’t go too far, you need to project plan link building process.

“slowly slowly catch monkey” – it doesn’t happen over night.

Quality vs Quantity

Which one shall I choose? This is actually a silly question to ask because both of these techniques work equally. What most people need to do is stop focusing on the homepage. You need to link build on deeper pages and not just the homepage.

Anchor text is your friend – Anchor text is still very powerful. But will Nichola Stott agree to this? In my understanding, I believe she said (along the lines) to link the brand names to improve the ranking at BrightonSEO.

When people say you need to create content, you will get links. This is slightly misleading because there is a lot to look at when link building. You still need a network to get the word out, like Lisa Myers mentioned on her presentation earlier.

Its time to burn our hats

The whole black hat and white hat created a “no fly zone” and makes people scared of testing.

Sites looked at:

Wall Glamour

“Wall stickers” is one of the key phrases for wall glamour which gets 165,000 search per month. Recently the ranking has dropped from number 1 to number 5. After looking at the back link analysis you can figure out why ranking dropped and also why you competitors are out ranking you.

Looked at the top two rankings who over took wall stickers.

Tools used to check the back link analysis:

  • Link diagnosis
  • Open site explorer
  • Majestic SEO;

So what have the other two competitors done?

Competitor 1

Flooded with PHP fusion themes with footer links with exact anchor text.

Competitor 2

Dofollow blog comment spamming with exact anchor text.

So after finding this what do you do?

Do you report it to Google or do you do the same thing?

Yes you can report to Google but what will you get in return and it definitely won’t improve your ranking.

Jaamit’s recommends organising a plan of attack with various different link building techniques and also reporting them to Google.

How can I take back the number one spot?

Low level anchor text deep links at scale

  • Article marketing sucks!!

There are other tools which will help you publish article automatically.

Anchor texts in copy links from well trafficked, high PR blogs

Guest blogging

This is great for rankings. Google loves these links. All you have to do is write a piece of quality content for a blog owner and ask them for a link coming back to your site. Like a guest post.


  • My blog guest
  • Using Google queries
  • Solo SEO
  • Ontolo

Why does Google love this?

Google will look at the readers on the site and the links coming to that blog the quality basically.

Get links from trusted domains

One of the most powerful links you can ever get is through websites.

Below is an example for WallGlamour:

  • Research and make a list of all the Art & Design schools & college in the UK
  • Get on the phone and propose a joint “designer of the month” competition, the winner creates a WallGlamour sticker which is part of their portfolio
  • Link(s) included as part of the collaboration,

The “Rub their faces in it” manoeuvre (1):

  • Go one better than “sponsored” nasty PHP themes – team up with WP and other theme developers and give them your wall stick designers to convert into “website wall glamour” – get links from theme footer and developers sites.
  • Take it one step further why not build a hub of link authority on your domain.
  • Use Dofollow comments (tool – fast blog finder) – finds you on topic threads, identifies whether they are no follow or do follow.

Bonus: recover and claim onsite link juice

301 redirect a relevant site.

Try @yoast’s “redirect with notification” method – passes link juice and notifies users – YoastRedirect

Zath - technology and games blog.

How do you commence with your audience, this is the key to the link building for Zath.

Here are few ideas:

  • The Zath Tech/Games Blogger Awards
  • Invite guest bloggers to contribute to Zath


  • Create individual landing pages for your products so you can commence link building to that page.
  • Don’t be scared of link building

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