Fresh Egg Appointed Member of Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network

Allan Bisset

Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN) was launched only as recently as August 2009.  It’s designed to be an exclusive global professional network of Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultants and received over 200 applications for membership from agencies all over the world.   Following scrutiny by Yahoo! only 16 of those worldwide applications have been accepted and we’re delighted to announce that Fresh Egg is one of them!   We are extremely excited to have gained this recognition which gives us access to resources that enhance still further the conversion and analytics consultancy services we can offer our clients.

As a member of this professional network Fresh Egg gains a number of benefits, including a listing on Yahoo!’s Consultant Network web page (up in the next few days),  potential client referrals from the Yahoo! Sales team, premium levels of technical support, access to a partner portal  and participation in an exclusive YWACN forum to share ideas and technical  information.  We are very excited about participation in the YWACN and are looking for ways to continuously expand it to the advantage of our clients and our fellow network members.

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