One Likes This: Facebook By Royal Appointment?

Joe Johnson

Following news earlier in the year that H.M. The Queen had surrendered her online anonymity and signed up to social networks Twitter and Flickr (see previous post) under the ‘British Monarchy’ moniker, the monarch has now added to her online repertoire with an official Facebook page. This is again branded under the British Monarchy tag and takes the form of a ‘fan’ page rather than a personal profile.

This Facebook page is allegedly part of a regal rebranding exercise which aims to make the Royals more accessible through online means. The hope may well be to give a bit more detail about what the Queen actually does around the world on her various appearances, which to the uninitiated seems to be little more than grin and wave.  Until now, there has been little opportunity to track the escapades of this unique family who are revered and resented in equal measure.


The page has been going for just over eight weeks and has certainly not been neglected. It is content rich, documenting everything from videos of Princess Anne opening a leisure centre and pictures of celebs being knighted, to regular updates of the ‘Court Circular’, a daily newsletter which many claim is nothing more in these cash-strapped times than an attempt to justify the Monarchy’s very existence.


As mentioned this is a ‘like’ or ‘fan’ page, the type used by business to promote their products. In my view this is an oversight of the goal was to bring the Royals closer to the public. Far more suitable for this purpose would have been a personal page for each family member. Can you imagine what sort of status updates the Queen would post…?

‘One has a busy day ahead; have to meet some random people at school in Daventry lol’

‘Bloody Corgi’s have torn the carpet up again, FML, where’s the butler when you need him?’

‘Been smiling and waving at subjects all day, my arm is sore and my face aches, off to bed’

And As For Prince Phillip…

His status updates (these are not made up!) would have read….


1995:  Met a Scottish driving instructor.  Asked him how he keeps the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?’

1986: ‘Visit to China.  Peking is ghastly.  Told British students that if they stay here much longer they’ll all be slitty-eyed!’

1999:  ‘British Deaf Association trip to Cardiff.  “Entertained” by Caribbean steel band.  If they’re near that music it’s no wonder they’re deaf’.

…. Then again perhaps it would just be better for the Queen to retain her public image and stick to pictures of her on stamps and cash.  Either way The Monarchy is certainly proving its popularity with almost half a million ‘likes’ to date.  And if anyone out there has their own favourite Duke of Edinburgh gaffes, send ‘em in…..



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