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Joe Johnson has been with us as part of a Wired Sussex internship programme.  Here are his thoughts on life, Fresh Egg, Wired Sussex and the plight of the graduate....


I suppose like many graduates, after four years at Uni resulting in  two degrees, I naively assumed that  a £30k + media role was just round the corner for me to step my shiny shoes into. How wrong I was! A combination of my own unrealistic expectations and graduating in the middle of a crippling recession left me all at sea. Having spent the first part of 2009 furiously firing off applications for every job with ‘media’ in the title in a scatter-gun fashion, my optimism soon turned to frustration and then disappointment as replies were few and far between.  Those that were courteous enough respond told me I hadn’t had enough experience. The truth was I didn’t have ANY experience and getting some was proving to be nigh on impossible.


As my enthusiasm waned, I blamed the recession and decided to knuckle down and earn some serious cash wherever I could. I cut my trade as a gym instructor, freelance personal trainer, and later in the year found myself working in a psychiatric hospital! Interesting and exciting work but I was veering wildly from my desired career path! I had to get back on track somehow…

Fresh Egg & Wired Sussex

In late 2009 I was offered a glimmer of hope. Wired Sussex emailed me about an event entitled ‘Make It into Media’. I went along, looking a little out of place dressed up to the nines, nevertheless I was determined to get something out of the day and listened to some informative talks as well as speaking briefly to a chap from an SEO and web design company called ‘Fresh Egg’.  I got some invaluable tips on making myself more desirable to prospective employers as well as details of an internship scheme ran by Wired Sussex.

In the following weeks I set about trying to build my social media presence and kick-start my personal WordPress blog. The minute the internships went live I applied for every Markting or PR related role. Faced with the difficult choice between a Marketing assistant position with an office furniture company or an account exec support role for a PR agency, I went with PR outfit - probably lured by the swanky offices and abundance of shiny new Macs strewn about the place!   While working in the PR agency, I discovered that I’d been selected for a copywriting internship with Fresh Egg which I’d applied for some months ago. I was royally chuffed with this, because I’d been waiting for an opportunity to hone my writing skills, and because Fresh Egg painted an impressive picture of themselves at the Grad fair.

Pedal To The Metal

I felt like young Laredo - pedal to the metal.  Image source:

All I can say is that it’s been full on pedal-to-the-metal copywriting, with lofty targets and high profile clients to impress, I’ve been hammering the keyboard to within an inch of  its life. The pace has been frantic but the work is extremely interesting, varied and fulfilling. Having to write about air conditioning units, wine and wedding catering in one day (all of which I knew very little about, but am now an expert in!) certainly got the creative juices flowing.

I’ve reached the end of my internship now and would like to thank the entire Fresh Egg team for making it such a productive and thoroughly rewarding time.  I finally possess the coveted holy grail of “experience” with one of the most professional, and as far as I can see, successful and fastest growing internet marketing agencies, under my belt. I feel I can move onwards and upwards from here.

Thank you Fresh Egg and Wired Sussex!

Up and away. Image source:

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