10 Social Media Quick Wins

Paul Chaloner

We’re a social bunch here at Fresh Egg, and that even includes lunchtimes. What with a gym, a pool table, dartboard and video game consoles, you’d think we’d have a hundred things to do other than actually work through lunch. However, one of the regular features of the office is a voluntary “lunch and learn”, where various members of staff get to showcase their particular expertise on a given subject.

Last week, we held a brainstorming session on social media tools. Armed with a supply of pizzas supplied by our MD, the lunch and learn group compiled a hit list of ten social media tactics (be they sites, tools or techniques) that people can use right away.

What other quick wins do you use as part of your social media strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

In no particular order, here are the ten finalists:

1. Pinterest

Despite great leaps in accessibility, the web is still predominantly a visual phenomenon and the stratospheric popularity of Pinterest just demonstrates this. If you have a site or business that deals with actual products, or even more abstract concepts that could be visually or creatively represented, then Pinterest is a hugely important site. Check out our free free e-book on this as well, just to help you out.

3. Competitions

While your brand followers may hang on every tweet, observation and status update, at heart we all love the opportunity to get something for nothing (or for very little!). The chance to win something never fails to seize attention, especially if it’s a really good prize and the difficulty of the question and method of entry is as easy as possible.

4. Social buttons on email signatures

Another quick win, but one often overlooked, especially when there tends to be one person who “does all the social media stuff” in a company. Having an integrated and consolidated approach to your social media properties increases the channels through which your audience can interact with your brand.

5. Social button/profiles on any online or offline advertising

Have you noticed how many adverts, whether in print, on the TV or even radio are now showing/mentioning Facebook and Twitter? Much in the same way as small businesses usually put a phone number and (usually) a web address on a vehicle, ensuring any advertising includes social properties is another quick win.

6. Netvibes/Quora/Yahoo! Answers/Google Alerts

Monitoring what people say or mention about your brand and taking the time to respond appropriately makes certain companies stand head and shoulders above others. Solutions vary in price, but a combination of the ones listed can give you a free heads-up to people talking – in either a positive, neutral or negative tone – about you or your company.

7. Knowem

This one does cost, but secures your brand profile on up to 300 social media sites. As well as preventing brand-squatting, it also gives you a nice branded back-link into the bargain. Although many of these platforms will likely have foundered a year or two down the line, there’s no way of knowing which will catapult to Pinterest’s level of popularity, either. And having a company-branded user profile on the Next Big Thing is never a hardship.

8. Banner Ads

Yes, it may not be cutting-edge, but the undeniable fact is that getting the right sort of banner in the right place in front of the right market does wonders. Little surprise then, that banner ad providers are marketing themselves chiefly on the level of data segmentation they can provide to merchants.

9. Bookmarking

Direct referrals from sites such as Stumbleupon, Reddit and Digg can soon add up to a useful chunk of traffic for a website, if fed with genuinely interesting content. These larger, more powerful bookmarking sites have a strong, devoted and usually self-policing user base, which helps eliminate spamming on the site.

10. LinkedIn

Often seen as the fifth wheel in terms of social button inclusion, LinkedIn is actually hugely useful, especially for B2B. Allowing user networking, recommendations and also participation in subject forums, LinkedIn can not only bring you to other’s attention, it can also provide highly relevant leads to your business.

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