Friday Social Round Up: Pinterest Business Profiles, Facebook Relationship Pages and Job Board and The Big Bang Theory

Nazilla Allahiary

Pinterest business profiles

This week saw the launch of Pinterest business accounts. This allows the account to use the brand name rather than a first name and last name. The account can be verified via the website verification process.

Companies that already use the platform can update to a business account by visiting, where users are allowed to convert an existing account or start a business account from scratch. From the business hub you can also see case studies of how other business have been successfully using the platform.

Facebook relationship pages

Friendship pages have been on the platform since 2010, but now these pages are having an upgrade. The roll out of the new timeline version has started and has now extended to relationships as well as friendships. These relationship pages can be accessed by visiting

This started being rolled out around the 9th of November, so if like me you haven’t got the new layouts yet, you will in a few days.

Facebook job board

Yesterday morning Facebook announced its job board. The Social Jobs Partnership app is now live, and is an interactive job board that works with various other job websites such as

The page allows users to search for jobs by industry, location and skill. They can then apply for them via Facebook.

Viral video

Yes, we got the memo: Call Me Maybe videos are dead. Or are they? The cast of The Big Bang Theory did a Call Me Maybe flash mob. The video was uploaded yesterday and has already received over 1.7 million views.

Infographic time

Christmas is fast approaching! This infographic shows how social media has impacted ecommerce growth.

Social Holiday Shopping

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