Free Ebook: The complete guide to LinkedIn (Part 1)

Paul Chaloner

The science of social media free ebooksThe fifth ebook in our series The Science of Social Media is an introduction to LinkedIn.

The sheer depth and size of LinkedIn means we've had to divide the latest in our series to two parts. The first of these covers the personal side of LinkedIn including:

  • Setting up a profile
  • Optimising your profile
  • Account settings and privacy issues
  • How to get recommendations
  • Prospecting for new connections and experts
  • Navigation of LinkedIn
  • SEO benefits

Even if you are a long time user of LinkedIn, there is bound to be something new to discover in this guide, so check it out! It's packed full of hints and tips to help even the most novice of user get to grips with the power house that is LinkedIn.

Our second part will be released later this month and will be covering the business side of LinkedIn including:

  • The power of LinkedIn groups
  • LinkedIn answers and how to grow your standing and resources
  • Company pages and how to set them up, including products and services
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Applications, events and polls
  • LinkedIn news

If you have some killer LinkedIn tips of your own, let us know in the comments.

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You can still download our previous eBooks free of charge! Facebook Time Line for Brands, The Complete Guide to Pinterest.

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