Social Friday Round Up: Twitter Galleries, Beyonce Baby Bump, Facebook Updates and Irene.

Nazilla Allahiary

Twitter Galleries

Twitter has introduced 'User Galleries'. Twitter collates the images the user has uploaded in your Tweets into an organised page where you can view all of your recent images. The images included in the user galleries can come from Twitter, yFrog, Twitpic and Instagram amongst others. User galleries can be found on an individual users' Profile page

Technical Limitations of User Galleries:

  • User galleries will display up to 100 most recent images in your Tweets, in chronological order.
  • Video thumbnails will not be included. Tweets with video links will not be included in user galleries.
  • Images in Tweets will not be displayed if the Tweet was sent before January 1, 2010.

Beyonce Baby Bump

During the MTV VMA awards on 28th August, Beyonce ended her performance by revealing her baby bump to the world. Now you are probably thinking "What has this got to do with Social Media?" - Well Jayonce or Bay-Z (not sure what they are being called as a couple) gave Twitter a record bump with 8,868 Tweets per second being Tweeted about the news. Beyonce obtained 280,000 mentions on Twitter that night alone. See the exciting moment here:

Facebook Updates

Facebook has been updated in the U.K., firstly you may have noticed Facebook 'Check In' has been ditched for location in your status update. Also in a bid to keep up with Google + and it's 'Circles' which allows you to post to different group of friends, Facebook have added a privacy option to the status bar allowing you to post it to different groups or certain people. You may have noticed the new Photo viewer as well, which looks very slick.


This week we saw the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene. People took to Twitter to post pictures of Irene and the destruction she caused as well as wishing people safe.  Some of the pictures included a shark swimming a long a road in Puerto Rico as a man sat in his car.

Irene then managed to open a Twitter account which stated "I don't want to hurt anyone.". Besides giving witty updates of her movements, Irene also Tweeted useful advice and re-tweeting messages from the NYC Mayor’s Office Twitter account and generally making herself useful.

The account has now reverted back to being the account of Irene Tien, who transformed the account to Hurricaine Irene after being consistently mentioned in hundreds or Tweets addressed to the Hurricane.

Infograph Time

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