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Social + Social = The Workers of Tomorrow

Did you know there are 15,580 people on Facebook who have expressed a liking for fly fishing? Drilling down deeper, we can find 160 single women in the UK who are interested in men and fly fishing; perfect candidates to target with a new website.

‘Social + Social’ is our alternative look at social media using statistics to determine real life social analysis. This month we’re aiming to answer the time-honoured question, where will the next generation of workers come from and what chance do they have finding a job in the current climate?

What does this tell us?

There are almost 1.9m people under 18 in the UK who are either child prodigies, or liars.

What does this tell us?

Using data from, we can assess this further. In Jan 2012, the Property sector saw 19.1 applicants per job vacancy, Banking had 16.5, Legal had 10.7, IT had 9.6, and Healthcare had 9.5. So even though there aren't many youngsters into estate agency, they may find it difficult to find work in a few years as there is a lot of competition for a few placements. In IT, there are loads of jobs but many specialisms, so if the 18,460 want to stand out, they'll need to find a niche.

What does this tell us?

If companies want to attract up and coming talent to their company, they're going to have to provide a bigger canteen, decent office entertainment, and a smaller gym.

What does this tell us?

We're all going to need to be careful about the access we give new workers to the office stereo.

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