The genius of YouTube design


John was showing me how YouTube use a single background image on their site to present most of their images.

Revolutionary? No- However, with this approach the days of slicing could be well and truly numbered.

Genius? Yes - The saving alone with cached information is great.

Will it take off? Yes. If this technique is good enough for You Tube/Google, then it is good enough for the rest of us. I had a chat with Ollie in the Fresh Egg design team. He has used similar techniques, but not to the level how the dev team at You Tube have attacked it

So for all of those who are still using Fireworks or Photoshop to hack and slash to carefully cut out their images to the pixel, forget it and stick your images onto one nice background sheet as seen below:

I am not as pro-active with the design elements as I used to be, but something like this even floats my SEO boat, especially where load times and download times can be improved and of course bandwidth reduced.

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