Infographic: The Rise of Mobile Search


Content marketing specialist

2013: the year of mobile search. Okay, okay, you’ve probably heard that statement every year for the past decade, but this time we mean it. Mobile search is now at the point where many businesses can no longer ignore its impact. Not convinced? Check out this fantastic post from Steve, one of our esteemed SEO engineers, all about Our favourite fact: UK consumers are joint top in terms of mobile search savviness. High five!

On a more serious note, the implications of the growing use of mobile search are huge for digital marketers and the brands they represent. Not only has the volume of mobile searches grown by 400% over the last year, that volume continues to double every two months. Furthermore, nearly two thirds of consumer searches are for product information and one in three local searchers go on to make a purchase. All of these delicious stats go a long way to hammer home the message that’s been floating around for a while now: ignore mobile search at your peril.

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