Campaign Tagging Tool for Google Analytics

Campaign Tagging Tool for Google Analytics

Download this tool to make accurately tracking your campaigns in Google Analytics (GA) simple. Plan and create tracked links to your site for marketing campaigns across any channel, for example email, PPC, social, and more, to ensure you are measuring performance against your business objectives.

This Excel spreadsheet offers a simple and efficient way to create URLs that will correctly track your digital marketing campaigns and ultimately outline how a particular campaign is performing using various reports within GA.

Tagging URLs for campaign tracking can be a tedious task, particularly if you are tagging a large number of URLs, so we have created a tool that does the work for you. Enter the specific campaign UTM parameters and landing page URL into the spreadsheet to generate a tagged campaign URL. Using this URL will allow you to track the campaign’s performance accurately within GA.

Read our blog post – How to Tag URLs for Google Analytics Campaign Tracking – for more information about using the tool. You’ll also find definitions of the UTM parameters required for campaign tracking, common mistakes to look out for, and explanations of how to efficiently use the data collected using tagged URLs.

If you’re looking for more information about how to analyse the performance of your tagged campaigns using GA, check out our other blog post: How to Use Google Analytics Campaign Tracking to Measure and Improve Your Digital Marketing Success.

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